Oil Seals

TOP & KPEC Total Sealing Solutions

Oils seals are available in both metric and imperial sizes and manufactured to industry standards in a range of materials. Single acting seals for piston & rods are available in various forms they can be fitted with anti-extrusion rings, where necessary. Strength and rubberised fabric materials combine together to retain lubrication, which ensures low friction & low wear. Rings are flexible axial lip seals for shafts and bearings. V seals fit directly to the shaft and seal the face of the shaft or part. V rings are reliable for sealing against dust, dirt, oil & grease.

Metal O-Rings are manufactured from hollow tube & stainless steel and are a good sealing product for demanding requirements.

Gland/piston seals are available in a wide range of styles and materials for both single and double acting applications to suit all types of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Wiper /scraper seals also have different styles to suit light, medium and heavy duty environments in a variety of profiles. Manufactured in flexible rubber, polyurethane, nylon & metal, re-enforced u-rings and cup seals are available in rubber or polyurethane. Also fabric, cup seals can be manufactured in leather to customers specific requirements. Hat seals are supplied in rubber and polyurethane.

Bonded washers are supplied in a wide range of sizes and materials from standard to commercial aircraft grade specifications. Gaskets & packing seals, standard and custom made gaskets & packing's are available in all popular materials. Seal kits metric & imperial, o-ring, bonded washer and copper washer selection boxes can be supplied by TOP & KPEC.

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