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Aerosols, Oils, Grease, & Chemicals

Kpec & Transmission Of Power are now stockists of Hydraulic Oil, EP80-90 Gear Oil, grease and many different types of aerosols, lubricants and paints. These can be purchased from the Trade Counter at Transmission Of Power.


Agricultural Oils

Agri 10w/30 SUTO is a high quality multi purpose lubricant designed for use in a very wide range of agricultural machinery, requiring advanced technology, high specification products. The use of this product enables the farmer to reduce lubricant stocks to a minimum. Agri 10w/30 SUTO can be used in the majority of agricultural naturally aspirated and turbo-charged diesel engines (depending on viscosity requirements) and petrol engines, hydraulic systems transmission, final drives and oil immersed brake systems where it is particularly effective in reducing noise (anti-squawk). 


Hydraulic Oils

A range of premium quality hydraulic oils designed and developed for use in hydraulic power transmission and hydraulic control systems. This group of hydraulic oils are made from solvent refined, high viscosity index base oils containing a carefully balanced mix of anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant and anti-foam additives. DIN 51524 PART 2, SPERRY VICKERS M-2950-5, SPERRY VICKERS I-286-5, US STEEL 127, 5EB 181.222, VDMA 24318 Available in ISO VG 3, 5, 10, 22, 32, 37, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 & 460 viscosities Gear Oils.

  • EP GEAR OILS 80W, 90W, 80W/90, 85W/140
  • Extreme pressure monograde and multi-grade gear oils for use in a wide range of automotive transmissions operating under low to medium conditions.
  • Hydraulic 32 / 46 / 68 Oil
  • Low Ambient Hydraulic Oil (HVI 32 / HVI 46)
  • 25 Litres and 205 Litre Drums available


  • Lithium EP2 Grease Cartridges
  • Lithium EP2 12.5Kg Grease
  • Lithium EP2 50Kg Grease
  • Copper Grease
  • Food Safe Grease


Please contact us today with any enquiries you may have or for a full product range.